How I Started Collecting Skagen Watches

Ive always been the one asking other people, Do you know what time it is? I would grow tired of the feeling of a watch on my wrist, take it off and forget where Id left it. My friend said, you should try a Skagen. They are really lightweight and comfortable and if you do lose it, theyre cheap enough that you can just replace it. Boy was she right.

The only problem was deciding WHICH Skagen watch I wanted. This one was really pretty. That one looked slightly easier to read. Or maybe a pink or red band. My husband complains I wear too much beige. He thinks I should be more of a girly-girl. So I got three. Yes, count them three. Hey, I still spent way, way less than the cheapest Rolex and I had one for every occasion. And I did figure I was bound to lose one sooner or later.

So I guess I told a lot of people how many different watches Skagen has and how much I liked mine. AND Im told Im not an easy person to buy gifts for. So... my husband gave me one with diamonds on the dial for Valentines Day. And my mother, not realizing I now owned four, gave me for my birthday.

So, which watch do I recommend? Curious? Click to see My Number 1, Skagen Watch