Why You Can't Believe the Reviews of Rocket Spanish versus Rosetta Stone

RocketsIf you query "Rosetta Stone versus Rocket Spanish" and read the reviews, you could get the impression that there is no contest and that you should absolutely buy Rocket Spanish because you found three or four people who simply love it and wrote about it on their blog.

Most likely the blog post will follow a pattern. They needed to learn Spanish. They had tried other courses and never had much luck. They decided to try Rocket Spanish and sure enough they learned it so fast, it was 'rocket fast'. Now, they write Rosetta Stone is pretty good too, but you get a lot more for your money with Rocket Spanish.

Ever wonder why on this topic there is universal agreement online? I mean you will find people disagreeing about everything else -- whether George Steinbrenner was an American hero or a spoiled rich jerk. Whether the latest hit movie is worth $8 to go see. But everyone agrees that Rocket Spanish is the better value or purchase they are glad they made over Rosetta Stone. I'm about to reveal the truth about why so many people recommend Rocket Spanish.

The Truth about Rosetta Stone and Rocket Spanish Reviews

I believe the following to be true:

1) You can learn Spanish by buying and using either Rosetta Stone (for your computer) or Rocket Spanish (an audio program).

2) Both Rosetta Stone and Rocket Languages companies have many satisfied customers.

3) Rocket Languages pays a HUGE commission to anyone who refers a sale to them online.

Rocket Spanish sells it's online downloadable Rocket Spanish product for approximately $99 (that's the current special and has been the 'special discounted rate' each time I've check in last year). They give anywhere from $55 - $70 of that to the person who referred the sale to them. The amount given to the referring sales person has varied the last few times I've checked it, but it has always been more than 50% of the sale price.

So if I'm an Amazon affiliate and I recommend that you spend $300 to buy a Rosetta Stone product on Amazon -- I might make about $20 commission. But if I'm a Clickbank affiliate and I recommend that you spend $99 to buy Rocket Spanish -- I stand to make about $60 in commission. Are you starting to see why people who like both products always seem to like Rocket Spanish more?

The Proof about these Rocket Spanish Reviews

Let's suppose I'm just one more person telling you how great Rocket Spanish is. Click Here, I say, to get a great discount on the product and off you go to the sales page. Go ahead and click this link (It will open a new window.) If you go through the Rocket Spanish website and click on the Purchase option, when you are checking out and on a final payment page, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see if anyone got credit for your purchase. If you followed my link, you would see:

note the affiliate=bookmama which shows I am the referring person who is just about to make a nice chunk of change.

Now, I'm not saying that Rocket Spanish doesn't work. I'm sure you can learn Spanish from it. But I am left wondering why they don't sell their product through any means other than Clickbank and extremely generous bonuses to Clickbank affiliates. I'm also wondering how long exactly does it take to download 20 CD's worth of Rocket Spanish and then burn them onto physical CD's? I'm thinking, it's pretty long. That's the reason that I haven't bought Rocket Spanish and therefore you aren't reading my review of it here. I did listen to the free sample of Rocket Spanish and it seemed like a nice, learn-Spanish program, but didn't have anything particularly unique or memorable about its content.

So if you can't trust these reviews about products to Learn Spanish, how should you choose?

Look for websites where multiple people weigh in about what they think. Like here is a page comparing Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur Language Learning and if you go to the comment section, you'll get opinions from a lot of different people.

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